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Marcelle Henriksen

Marcelle Henriksen
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Children’s Sermon on Psalm 1

The Psalms have always held a special place in the devotional lives of believers. The first Psalm has often been used to instruct children about walking in the way of the Lord. This free children&

Beloved, we are on the cusp of a pivotal season in the Kingdom. It will be a great season of victory for the children of God if we would seek Him, moving in alignment with Him and Throne Room wisdo…

7 Ways to Set Yourself Free: Claim your freedom. Be free from busyness, free from comparison, free from buying more stuff.

History has proven that mankind has often missed God's visitations. He is visiting us again. Will you miss God's visitation?

Here are three things that must happen for mercy to triumph in our lives and in the lives around us. Mercy triumphed once, it can again!