georgianadesign:  “Four Corners - Silver Gilt medal winner. Peter Reader Landscapes, London, UK.  ”

Four Corners - Silver Gilt medal winner.

Mundo De Ellen

poochcrew: “ Sister got the cutest little fuzzball ever.

Mundo De Ellen

- flower image free for desktop,

Mundo De Ellen

Foxwillow was gathering herbs, her jaws full of sweet-smelling leaves.

Mundo De Ellen

Rose Entryway to the Garden.too lovely

a-joyfuljourney:  “Dorian Bowen @thewelschhouse.  ”

delta-breezes: “The Welsh House

magic-spelldust:  “  My Wish by Kristina Wilson  ”

Фотография My Wish автор Kristina Wilson на

Mundo De Ellen

Everybody wants to visit the Toscana, Italy. The Tuscany boasts a proud heritage. left a striking legacy in every aspect of life.