Mapule Baatjies

Mapule Baatjies

im complicated but sweet!! my hubby, family & friends do understand me tha'st all dat matters d rest i dnt gve a f%U$...
Mapule Baatjies
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Fold the baby’s arms across her chest and secure her gently with one hand. Hold the baby’s bottom with your dominant hand so you have a secure hold. Rock her at a 45 degree angle gently. Move her bottom from side to side.

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DIY Maternity/Pregnancy Pillow----- Bahahaha I feel bad for the daddy, where does he sleep? That thing takes up the whole bed

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Women around the world have been binding, or wrapping their bodies after childbirth for years. Wrapping the postpartum belly and waist tightly after delivery helps speed the recovery process and exped