Mapheto Mabunda

Mapheto Mabunda

Mapheto Mabunda
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1951 Ferrari 340 America Ghia / red / Italy / 197hp 4.1l Lampredi V12 / Giovanni Michelotti

Ferrari 1951 Ferrari 340 America Ghia / red / Italy / Lampredi / Giovanni The Fast and the Luxurious

Beautiful interior in a Mercedes-Benz

“The incredible level of comfort, luxury and beauty of Ocean House is a perfect pairing for the interior of the all-new S-Class Coupe. - Luxury Home Decor

The all-new Mercedes-Maybach S600 provides unprecedented exclusivity

The all-new Mercedes-Maybach provides unprecedented exclusivity and unlimited luxury.

Bentley. Gorgeous car.

This helped give me an idea of a cool looking car from the inside depending on what angle I choose to design the cover.