Chikomborero Manyumwa

Chikomborero Manyumwa

Chikomborero Manyumwa
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28 Pictures That Prove There Are Other People Like You In The World

When you tap your pockets and can't feel your iphone.

This face.

What's worse is being the other person and having to repeat what you said 98 times which is what I have to do every single day because I mumble and talk quitely and I annoy everyone. And I'm completely deaf so it's like PAYBACK TIME

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TheBahamianPrincess♚ Quit with the lightskin, brownskin, darkskin winning. What y'all winning at?

Just might be my next cut!  Prime Time Perfection! @Kristyn Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Orozco

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Look good in a swimsuit & don't have wear trunks or t-shirt