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This is how I camp and I love it!

This is more "glamping" than camping, but I love the idea of being up off the hard ground - and not on an air mattress. Our air mattress was so HOT, even in the fall.

Kalk Bay Harbour Lighthouse

This 5 m ft) round tapered stone tower was installed on the Kalk Bay South Breakwater in It has a focal plane of and gives one long s) red flash every 15 s.

Kalk Bay (Afrikaans: Kalkbaai) is a fishing village on the coast of False Bay, South Africa and is now a suburb of greater Cape Town.

Spring Tide, September Kalk Bay Harbour 2008 Don't take this personally But I am Big You are small. You are in my way Will you stand or will you crumble ? This is going to be a very busy day At the end of the pier Kalk Bay harbour Cape Peninsula

Aero-X Hoverbike Is The Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle

cool innovative high technology prototype personal hover bike craft,Tandem-Duct Aerial Demonstrator,In January Aerofex presented its recent work at the American Helicopter Society Future Vertical Lift Conference in San Francisco.

Trunk Bed Tent? Awesome!

This is awesome! A couple sleeping pads and some sleeping bags and you're good to go! No worries about rain pooling under your tent because you didn't realize you'd set up in a dip. If I had or truck or still enjoyed camping this would be cool.

ツ by iSantano

Camper Boat: The Sealander is an innovative camping trailer that also functions as a boat. Its wide and bowl-shaped for use on both land and water.

This is awesome

Single Camping Tent Cot, made by Kamp-Rite. Sets up in a matter of seconds and will comfortably sleep an average sized adult. Fully waterproof, it easily converts into a lounge or a chair for added versatility! It packs down into a compact x x carry bag.