Witpootjie Waterfall, Walter Sisulu National Botanic Garden- many a picnics I…

Who says Gauteng, South Africa is dry and dusty? - The Witpootjie Waterfall, Walter Sisulu National Botanic Garden (In rainy season!

These 113 creatures observed, and then photographed, include over 100 species of plants and animals that use one cubic foot of this highly diverse shrub land over the course of a normal day in Mountain Fynbos, Table Mountain, South Africa. ONE CUBIC FOOT

Cornstalks Everywhere But Nothing Else, Not Even A Bee

David Liitschwager’s new book One Cubic Foot set out to capture all the organisms in one cubic foot of space. This picture is from a shrub area.

Baobabs are trees recognisable by their distinctive swollen stems. Occurring naturally in the dry areas of Magagascar, Africa and Australia, they store massive amounts of water in their stems to cope with seasonal droughts. The tree's fruits are large pods known as 'monkey bread' or 'cream of tartar fruit' and are rich in vitamin C. One baobab tree in South Africa, known as 'Big Baobab', has a circumference of 47 metres.

Sacred baobab How a belief in spirits has protected the dry forest around a famous tree.

This is the first illustration on Mark Buchanan “Nexus: Small-worlds and the ground-breaking science of networks” 2002 book – Norton, New York (Prelude, page 17), representing a portion of the food web for the Benguela ecosystem, located off the western coast of South Africa (from Peter Yodzis)

Food chain, illustration from Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks” by Mark Buchanan

A savanna is a rolling grassland scattered with shrubs and isolated trees, which can be found between a tropical rainforest and desert biome.

This is a typical picture of a savanna biome. It is mostly grassland, but also has some trees. The normal temperatures in a savanna are degrees F.

The uMngeni River estuary is a highly important eco-system in the middle of Durban.

The uMngeni River estuary is a highly important eco-system in the middle of Durban.

#Phinda Homestead #Elephants - Phinda Private Game Reserve, from the &Beyond portfolio of properties, is a 23,000 hectare private #gamereserve in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal region. It lies between the Mkuze Game Reserve and the St. Lucia Wetland Park. Formed in 1990, the reserve’s diversity of habitat with seven distinct ecosystems is key to its richness in supporting #wildlife. In fact, Phinda Reserve is often referred to as ‘Seven Worlds of Wonder’. #SouthAfrica

Phinda Reserve, South Africa has several safari properties offering luxury safari holidays. Wildlife highlights include Big 5 and turtle hatching.

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