Noordhoek, South Africa

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Cape Town, South Africa

Planning on going to Africa? Check out this amazing place in South Africa. Which Country in Africa do you want to visit the most? Bo Kaap, formerly known aBo Kaap houses: Most colourful district in Cape Town, South Africa


yes- i learned that nelson mandela lives here. def want to go here for honeymoon somewhere in south Africa :-)


In summer of Mammoth spent two weeks in Rwanda, Africa filming for the country's tourism department. After delivering the finished video, we decided to create another edit to include all the bonus footage and outtakes.

Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.

Clifton Beach - Capetown, South Africa Rated Beach in the world (National Geographic)


Johannesburg~The City Built on Gold: Worldette casts light on another city you might not have visited. Here’s Johannesburg, the South African city built on gold

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