Mandy Van der Westhuizen

Mandy Van der Westhuizen

Mandy Van der Westhuizen
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You made me believe I could love again, then you broke my heart.

I cried a lot because of you. I laughed a lot because of you. I believed in love because of you. And now I'm heart broken because of you.

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He is absolutely unbelievable the way he talks to me and his kids is unacceptable. He seriously needs so help. He looks and reactions r scary. Who talks shit to his son on such a special night for him. A new low even for him.

Narcissistic sociopath are snakes!!! Y'all would know about that

"A dog will look down when he's done wrong. A snake will look you right in the eye. Narcissistic sociopath are snakes!

It's important to remember that you don't need to wait for closure to move on.

Moving on without closure is the most difficult thing. It's like not knowing if your child is alive or not after abduction. I guess, sometimes, people need to inflict as much hurt on you as they can.


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