Truth Coffee | Cape Town

TRUTH Coffee Shop In Cape Town, South Africa

actegratuit: “ Truth Coffee Shop in Cape Town, South Africa. This radically designed steampunk-themed coffee shop was created by Heldane Martin who considered the form factor of espresso machines and.

Green Point Lighthouse. Cape Town South Africa. First lit in April 1824.

The Green Point Lighthouse, Cape Town was the first solid lighthouse structure on the South African coast, first lit on 12 April 1824

Cape Town, South Africa

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Long street

Long Street, Cape Town, could walk down this road quite safely 30 yrs ago.

Long Street in the Centre of Town, Examples of Colonial building styles. - Cape Town, South Africa

Long Street in the Centre of Town, Where Many Colonial Houses Remain - Cape Town, South Africa

Cape town

URBAN RENEWAL Despite alarming income inequality, South Africans are enthusiastic about the good life. The Victorian buildings of Cape Town’s Long Street are full of restaurants, bookstores, and arsty boutiques.

Get Married Away Winter 2015 - Destination Spotlight: Cape Town, South Africa

My absolute favorite flower! Strelitzia Kirstenbosch botanical gardens Cape Town (ironically this is the flower emblem for L. but it comes from South Africa).