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Pool Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you have access to a pool, moving your workouts into the water is a great way to burn belly fat. Not only are swimming and water aerobics great cardio.

Spring into a New Swimming Pool Workouts - Water Aerobics

Spring into New Swimming Pool Workouts - Water Aerobics Workouts - Spring into New Swimming Pool Workouts - Water Aerobics Workouts

The Best Exercise in Water to Tone the Stomach Area

It may look like your pool is in bad shape, but in reality it just needs a good cleaning. Pool chemicals like pool shock, algae guard, water clarifier and chlorine are your main.

Creator of the 21 Day Fix, Autumn Calabrese, shows you how to strengthen your core! Simple workouts now for more challenges later... #15LBWeightLoss

Like this core workout! 7 simple moves to strengthen your core, med ball workout, medicine ball, autumn fitness, autumn calabrese

Triangle Area Puzzle

Geometry worksheets guide your child through a world of polygons, trapezoids and isosceles triangles. Try these geometry worksheets with your child.

Make shape pictures using shapes

Photocopy shape sheet with separated shapes onto card for children to cut and stick- useful for naming and describing shapes. Template of shape picture can be provided for children to aid them- although can be used without for problem solving.

CCSS 2D & 3D Shapes in the Environment {Photographs & Activities}

Shapes in the Environment (Photographs and Activities) Freebie sample activity included!fun idea for scavenger hunt on summer break

Real life examples of 2D shapes

SHAPES: Real life examples of shapes. Could assign each table group a shape and then they could cut and paste from magazines real world examples.