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a stamp with a flower on it and the words republic of south africa 9c
Stamp: Protea cynaroides (South Africa) (Definitive Issue - Decimal Issue) Mi:ZA 408,Sn:ZA 336,Yt:ZA 323L,Sg:ZA 292
Protea cynaroides
a painting of red flowers and green leaves
a Marianne North Painting at Kew Gardens
Aloe and Passionflower, South Africa
a watercolor painting of a green leaf with pink and green leaves next to it
Botanical Print Watercolor Print Boho Wall Decor Watercolor Leaf Botanical Poster Pink Leaf Tropical Plants Leaf Print Extra Large Wall Art - Etsy
Botanical Leaf Watercolor Painting - Sold on Etsy
the step by step instructions for how to draw a houseplant in potted plants
The Pigeon Letters | Lettering, Drawing & Watercolor Education
(2017-06) Potteplante 2
an image of a plant with red flowers
Botanical Prints
South of the Sahara: Botanical Prints
a stamp with two red flowers on it's front and back sides, in black frame
Republic of South Africa vintage stamp. BelAfrique your personal travel planner -
an illustration of a plant with red flowers and green leaves
Tree Aloe (Aloe Arborescens)
Antique print: picture of Tree Aloe (Aloe arborescens) - South Africa
an image of a painting of birds of paradise on a white background with green border
Bird of Paradise
Bird-of-paradise or crane flower (Strelitzia reginae) is a native of South Africa and is closely related to the banana. It is a tropical flower that is very popular in the cut flower industry.The h…
an old book with flowers and plants on the pages, including one large red flower
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Rare Original Colorful botanical print plate from "Flora of South Africa" circa 1913 by Rudolph Marloth. Plate 23, VOL. IV Liliaceae
a drawing of a bird of paradise flower
Strelitzia reginae is a flowering plant indigenous to South Africa.