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Crunchies — Traditional South African Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Crunchies — Traditional South African Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Crunchy, chewy, toasted-oat-and-coconut squares of goodnessMakes about 48 2-inch bars or 56 smaller bars

caramel milk tart - a South African recipe. I love milk tart!


’n Wenresep van die YOU-leser Shanleigh House.

chutney-chicken _ South African recipe

Chicken Dinners Chutnesy Chicken Recipe Quick and Easy Dinners

A delightfully tasty and quick chutney chicken recipe - you can use mayonnaise or cream depending on your preference!

South African Creamy Condensed Milk Fudge

South African Creamy Condensed Milk Fudge

Creamy fudge made with condensed milk – the South African way!

a classic buttermilk rusk recipe

I needed a classic buttermilk rusk recipe to make rusks for my TV shoot last week, and where better to turn for this than my much revered and sought after: ‘The Snowflake Book of Ba…

Vetkoek - A traditional South African comfort food which goes down well with soups or stew. Also amazing if you hollow them out and fill them with savory mince or curry.


I am not entirely sure how to describe these little morsels – think doughnut minus the hole and without the sweet topping; yip, that is about right, well sort of. Vetkoek is a proudly South A…

Mealie Bread - south african sweet baked bread made with sweetcorn

Ina Paarman | Mealie Bread

Ina Paarman - Over 1000 tried and tested recipes, seasonings, salad dressings, sauces, bake mixes, cookbooks

South African Curry & Rice

South African Curry and Rice - aninas recipes

37 reviews
35 minutes

South African Curry and Rice, the perfect comfort food that consists of slow cooked beef mince in a sweet and spicy curry sauce, with perfectly cooked carrots and potatoes, served on rice.

South African Wine Map

South African Wine (with Maps) | Wine Folly

Get to know South African wine with this simple guide with a downloadable map. Get tips on finding awesome valued South African wines including Cabernet Sauvignon by knowing these tricks.

Lamb Bunny Chow, a South African Indian specialty. We used to eat these at the beach or after a good party! Yum!

Meat Archives - Simply Delicious

Hot and spicy Lamb and potato curry inside a fresh loaf of bread. Proudly South African Bunny Chows.

boerewors (South African farmers' sausage)

Boerewors spice recipe

A South African braaivleis (BRIGH [like high] - flayce, lit. 'roast meat,' but meaning barbecue) is nothing without boerewors [BOO-ruh-vawrs, farmers sausage]. But boerewors is close to impossible to find in New York, and when you do, it's a bizarre echo of something the maker never tasted themselves. In 2010, when I first started looking for recipes for boerewors online, it amazed me that this ubiquitous South African sausage, available in every supermarket and butchery and corner joint in…