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Hyena at Bay - Pack of African Wild Dogs on a fight with a Spotted Hyeana in the Okavango Delta. Botswana.This Photo was Highly Commended , Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006. Mammals Behaviour.

A spotted hyena fends off a pack of African Wild Dogs - photo by Christophe Courteau

Mzima - Haunt Of The Riverhorse | more about tale of the tides between the lamu archipelago and somalia ...

Tale of the Tides - Deeble and Stone Natural History Films - Between the Lamu archipelago and Somalia is the wildest shore in East Africa - where baboons and hyaenas come to hunt crabs on the beach -named aardwolf elsewhere, or a hyena?

striped hyena

Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena): though dog-like in appearance & some behavior, hyena are not canids. They are in the feliforma family & are related to civets & cats. The striped hyena is probably the most attractive of the 4 species of hyena

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They are a family of placental mammals. All rhinos are grazers and need a lot of daily food. The rhinoceros is a solitary and territorial animal. The rhinos are threatened by illegal hunting.

Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), Namibia

Cheetah on dune with desert landscape in back ground.

In his book Serengeti Spy, photographer Anup Shah set up remote controlled cameras disguised as part of the natural environment in various spots across the plains in Africa. He operated the camera,…

Gemsbok   Oryx

Gemsbok (or Oryx)

Gemsbok (also known as Oryx) is the national animal of Namibia and we saw quite a few there, not just on game drives but everywhere, such as Soussevlei around the dunes

Gemsbok is an oryx. Oryx species pefer near desert conditions. All have dark faces and straight horns except the scimitar oryx. Both female and males have horns.

Springbok gazelle with a characteristic habit of leaping (pronking) when disturbed, forming large herds on arid plains in southern Africa. They are in the Bovidae family.

Springbok gazelle , a triangular shaped face. Very similar to the deer in features.

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Giant Eland or Western Derby Eland (Taurotragus derbianus derbianus) - photo by Tom Junek, via Wikipedia; Giant elands have tightly spiraled, V-shaped horns. They are found in western Africa, particularly Senegal to Mali. They are the largest species of