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the shelves are filled with beauty products and personal care items
Organizing My Beauty Closet - Some Pretty Thing
Makeup and skincare organization hacks, tips and tricks. Best products I use and buy when reorganizing
two clear containers filled with different types of ribbons
Organizando objetos com reutilização de embalagens plásticas - Vila do Artesão
Vila do Artesão - Faça um prático organizador de fitas com reuso de garrafas pet. Bem bolado. #artesanato #reuso #reciclagem #garrafapet #organizador #atelier #ideiascriativas
Clothes Folding Ways 😍
10 Fantastic Ways of Folding Your Clothes.
Folding Clothes Ideas
Creative Ideas about folding your clothes and other stuff.
Folding Clothes - To Save Space
How to fold clothes: to save space OnlineTips #Tips #TipsAndTricks #DIY #Crafts #Hacks #Organize #FoldClothes #FoldingClothes #SaveSpace
We asked Marie Kondo to fold a bag of potato chips and other random stuff
I think we can all agree on one thing -- there's nothing more satisfying than watching Marie Kondo fold things.
DIY! 😍
Chaquetas. En el baul antiguo?
How to Organize Your Scarves
How to Organize Your Scarves | Marie "Konmari" Kondo shows us how to keep those scarves tucked away in pretty fashion—using her KonMari Method! Watch the magic unfold here. #organization #homeorganization #closetorganization #mariekondo #marthastewart
How to Organize Activewear with Marie Kondo
How to Organize Activewear with Marie Kondo | Use Marie Kondo's organization method with Hikidashi boxes to easily and quickly organize your closet. #organization #closetorganization #mariekondo #marthastewart
How to Fold a Pillow Case
How to Fold a Pillowcase | Closet space is tight, so learning how to fold pillowcases and sheetse properly is key to taking up as little space as possible. Watch this simple method for folding pillowcases to help you keep an organized linen closet. #organization #organizingtips #marthastewart #howtofoldsheets
How to Fold Jeans
How to Fold Jeans | Hanging jeans takes up a good amount of space in your closet. Learn the easiest way to fold and stack your jeans to keep your closet shelves or drawers neat and compact. #organizingtips #organization #marthastewart #closetorganization
How to Fold Bath Towels
How to Fold Bath Towels | Folding thick bath towels is easier than you think. Watch, then try for yourself. It’ll make laundry day that much easier-and keep your bathroom more tidy and organized. #homeorganization #bathroomorganization #marthastewart
How to Put on a Duvet Cover
How to Put on a Duvet Cover | If you find yourself struggling over how to put on a duvet cover, this simple trick will definitely clear the task up for you. We take you through the easiest way to put on a duvet cover so your freshly-made bed will look just as perfect as if a professional had done it. #bedding #duvetcovers #duvethacks #realsimple