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" Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada will explore the foundation of shaped resist textiles through the exploration of materials (polyester, wool and silk) and technique (printing, dyeing heat-setting and degumming). She will present hands-on workshops and demonstrations where participants will understand shaped resist textiles in the context of tradition, design and sustainable practice."

Slow Fiber Studios (a program of WSN) is offering a rare opportunity to work with four Japanese masters at the iconic Jinze Art Centre, near Shanghai, China from 24 Dec 15 to 9 Jan 16. This unique textile program includes four distinct intensive workshops. Participants can also choose optional one-day immersive tours to appreciate local…

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African Traditional Wedding Dresses

Source( African Traditional Wedding Dresses History Traditional African weddings and clothing gained popularity in the West in the 1960s during the Black Pride movement. According to the Oakland Museum of California, Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah, wore kente cloth “during an historic visit to Washington, D.C., in 1958,” thus establishing “the cloth as a potent symbolic image for Africans and African Americans." Elaborate versions of items of African clothing that were…


Cris's Fashion tips- I have found that trying to find certain looks or style is no longer a struggle thanks to the Internet. As we all know back in the day the only source to get an idea of what was in and what wasn't was to buy a current magazine and hope you got it right. Now you can just type a certain look or name into the Internet browser and find pretty much what ever you want. So..... now the question is, "what is YOUR style?" Everyone has their own thought of how they would like to…