senegal childrens home

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an adobe building with several windows on the side and one in the middle, under a wooden roof
The Scarcity and Creativity Studio and Students > Eco Moyo Education Centre | HIC
an artist's rendering of a living room with people and animals in it, including a dog
housing proposal in rural tanzania features vortex roof for water collection
a group of people sitting on the ground in front of a building at night time
Jetavan Spiritual Center / Sameep Padora & Associates
© Edmund Sumner
an empty room with wooden walls and tables
H&P Architects, Nguyen TienThanh · Be Friendly Space
H&P Architects · Be Friendly Space
the inside of a wooden building with lots of windows and wood flooring on it
tezuka architects designs tomioka town hall with a distinctive jagged roofline
a model of a house made out of plywood and wooden planks on a black background
wasserfall munting architects: office bührmann & partners
two young children are playing outside in the day time, one boy is running towards the camera
estudio cavernas builds school for refugees and migrants using rammed earth and bamboo
two large wooden buildings sitting on top of a dirt field
Vin Varavarn uses local bamboo and soil to build learning centre in Thailand