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Resinando Com Amor 2.0 - Resinando Com Amor
Make a jesmonite tray w/ me
Instax picture in resin
Resin pyramid light!
Tulip UV Resin Earrings
Sticker auf resin
the contents of a personal planner laid out on a blue surface with gold accents and tassels
artworld_janni on Instagram
Adornos para la casa con Resina Epoxi
a pair of blue and white hoop earrings on top of a white surface with flowers
Anything-but-Average Hoop Earrings Sure to Elevate Any Ensemble
a close up of a bracelet with leaves on it
skeleton leaf cuff sue Gregor
skeleton leaf cuff sue Gregor
two different images of flowers in glass bracelets
Bracelete de Resina: Faça e Ganhe Dinheiro - Clique na Foto