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Crisis actors... What, they couldn't find enough people who were really in crisis to interview?

Crisis actors brought to you by the progressive, Socialist Party. Designed to pull your strings, and make you the puppet they know you will be, these organizations are the greatest Puppet Masters for the ignorant.

I find this fascinating icons are dangerous but it doesn't matter who is pictured it is the idolatry that is the problem

Not been fact checked. OP: Maybe if we'd been shown a more realistic representation of what the actual man would have looked like, dark-skinned people wouldn't be subjected to the prejudice they've suffered for many centuries.

Falcon F7 is American Supercar Powered by 1100HP V8 Engine, Touted as Ferrari Fighter -

Falcon is American Supercar Powered by 1100 HP Engine, Touted as Ferrari Fighter -

Infographic: Mapping the largest African populations

afrographique: “ An infographic mapping the largest African nations by population. Data from ” I never know what to make of Nigeria’s ever-rising seriously high population number.

Know Your Popes... No. 1 (And somebody actually thinks that this organization could represent the Holy God, Jehovah, and his Son, Jesus. Absolutely NOT!

Being a pope had nothing at all to do with god. it was all bout their own wants, desires, control & power. Oh, and wealth, of course! They had more gold & jewels and other luxuries than many rulers did!