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some green leaves and white flowers on a table
two small gift bags with blue bows are sitting on a table in front of flowers
How to wrap a gift with a handle #giftideas #giftbox #giftwrapping
Pressure Cooker Veg Biryani Recipe
pressure cooker biryani recipe | veg biriyani in cooker with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Biryani recipes are super popular these days across India for their spice, taste, and flavor. The most common is dum cooking which offers a balanced spice and flavor when cooked in a particular process. However, cooking dum biriyani can take a lot of time and planning. Therefore, the cooker biryani recipe comes into helps with the most efficient way of cooking the biriyani.
two pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to green leafy plants
Gift Credits:@raushan_willms
a person holding a white gift box with gold foil on it and flowers in the background
Easy  Gift Wrapping  Pt. 1
Unique way to wrap socks as gifts
Simple yet awesome gift wrapping ideas
origami tutorial easy videos simple