Hutch Refinishing Project

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a wooden table topped with lots of white plates and bowls on top of it next to a window
an old wooden desk with two red vases on it's top and shelves
A Joyful Cottage
Love this possum belly.
an old wooden china cabinet with dishes on it's top and glass doors open
1st image for "$350 Antique Bakers Cabinet Possum Belly Kitchen"
an old fashioned stove in the corner of a room with wooden walls and flooring
Possum belly bakers cabinet off Craigslist. Repaired missing glass with stained glass from a church in Merrill WI. Friend made the wool rabbit piece! Love it all.
an old dresser is painted gray and has red accents on the top, with drawers below it
Facebook Country-Provenzale-e-Shabby-Chic
an old wooden table with two drawers on one side and another drawer on the other
Hoosier Cabinets and Bin Tables
a brown dog sitting next to a wooden cabinet and coffee maker on top of a counter
Transform an Antique Cabinet Into a Coffee Station
an old wooden desk and hutch in a room
Antique Baker's Cabinet 013
a white desk topped with lots of items on top of a wooden floor next to a lamp
Possum belly table for garden shed
a green table with drawers on it in a living room
an old wooden dresser with glass doors and drawers