The Madame on the move...

The mammoth task of breaking down and rebuilding our 100 year old tent.
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the sky is very colorful and has many lines on it
Magical maypole...
two white buses parked next to each other on a dirt field with buildings in the background
But yet a shell
several people standing on top of a metal structure with scaffolding in the background
And the roof goes up! Making progress :)
looking up at the top of a metal structure with sun shining in the sky behind it
But a skeleton
some people are standing in the middle of an open area with metal structures and tarps
The lock on foyer structure
an aerial view of a city with many buildings
Aerial view
a cross painted on the ground in an empty parking lot with buildings in the background
Our new location at the magnificent Montecasino
the inside of a large tent with tables and chairs
The interior stripped