After Forever Tour 2014

We bring the magic and mystery to Montecasino! To experience it for yourself, call our box office on 0861 623 263.
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a woman is performing aerial acrobatic tricks in front of an audience at a circus
The art of the pole
two performers performing on stilts in front of a crowd at a circus or show
The breathtaking Spanish Web
two performers are performing on stage at the same time as one person is doing acrobatic tricks
Princesses from Kazakhstan...
two people performing aerial acrobatic tricks on stage
Martin & Beth's aerial act
a woman with green hair is brushing her teeth in front of a tiger wallpaper
Our Absinthe fairy
a woman in a white costume is walking through a blue room with people standing around
Behind the scenes
a man in a red suit is talking on his cell phone
Mr C
a man riding on the back of an ostrich in front of a fence
Just another day on the ostrich.
an entrance to the theatre of dreams
Victoria's facade