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Floofy gray and white cat with her paw up showing her gray toe pads
A white siberian cat sleeping on a wooden table in the sun in front of windows.
A young gray tabby kitten, all stretched out and showing off his belly spots.


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CapibaraBot (@capibarabot@lile.cl) - Mastodon.lol
A top down photograph of a Canadian Maple Fox — it is a small fox with white, black and grey fur
#AmBythMKAL - Mastodon.lol


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C. L. Polk: "Hey did an AI steal your art …" - Mastodon.lol
Seattle - Twitter Search / Twitter
Carl T. Bergstrom: "Which brings me to a warning. …" - Mastodon.lol

Ravens and Crows

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cormorant - Ecosia - Images
cormorant - Ecosia - Images


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Welly Wanderer: "Epilogue: Wonderous weave of …" - Mastodon.lol
A handsome brown goat called Parity with an excellent beard lifts his head and closes his eyes, his mouth open just enough to see his teeth
A black and white portrait of Bee, one of my four dairy goats. Bee is an almost black goat with white face markings. She has magnificent horns and a long beard.


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Lizard hug
Elysia Macht: "@Eccehom ICYM this fantastic s…" - Mastodon.lol
A greenish-bluish frog on a yellow leaf.

Reptiles and Amphibians

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Photo of a cute Westie puppy (13 weeks) on his back against a gold, fuzzy blanket, showing his teeth in play while his belly is being tickled.
Jason Momoa :verified: (@prideofgypsies@mstdn.party) - Mastodon.lol
A picture of a wolf.

Dogs, Wolves, & Coyotes

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This is a pretty and big wild deer buck with antlers that are probably eight point. He is in the wild woods of north Texas in the winter time.
Deer staring right at me.
#GothicPhotography - Mastodon.lol

Deer, Elk, & Moose

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House of Bears is a photograph by Dmitry Kokh. It depicts two polar bears in an abandoned house.
Swimming Bear by PST-Magnus on DeviantArt
Pure hellsite effervescence. Home of Reblogs. All the art you never knew you needed. Your new fandom communities. Add to it or scroll through and soak it up.


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chauve souris brune dents by levrier on DeviantArt
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A picture of an otter.
A picture of an otter.
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kelp forest - Ecosia - Images
kelp forest - Ecosia - Images
kelp forest - Ecosia - Images

Aquatic Life

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Clearwing/hummingbird moth
Madame Ximon (@madameximon@mastodon.lol) - Mastodon.lol
Madame Ximon (@madameximon@mastodon.lol) - Mastodon.lol

Bugs and Snails

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A backlighted, close-up photo of an Icelandic horse in a green pasture.
Connemara pony leaning over a wire fence to eat grass.
One week old chestnut colt standing in front of his mother who is eating grass. The foal has a white blaze on his face, and white socks. The mare is also chestnut, a little darker, with white socks. She is watching him out of the corner of her eye.

Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, and Burros

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A pet Rex rat in his own box, with his string, and toilet paper roll. He won't let anyone take his stuff.
rat - Ecosia - Images


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Two European Rabbits on some grass having a bite to eat. The left rabbit is seen head on and is just out of focus. The right rabbit is seen from the side and is facing left.
A Daily Violet (@ADailyViolet@mastodon.thirring.org) - Mastodon.lol
A brown hare scampering down a dusty track alongside a meadow, towards me, one morning in spring, somewhere in North Norfolk many years ago.

Rabbits and Hares

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(99+) Beside the path on Tumblr
My black squirrel friend, Chris, right outside of the kitchen door, happily munching on some almonds, dry-roasted and unsalted. He’s looking up at you, being grateful for the good nuts. It’s snowing flurries. By the way, he’s named after my late best friend who was like St Francis. She single-handedly rescued more house rabbits than anyone I know.
Squirrel with closed eyes


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Baby elephant in the water for very first time and looking very happy
Your PreauHeaux Bestie ✨ on Twitter: "jokes about the Queen that have sent me, a thread:" / Twitter
(1) MrsBundrige on Twitter: "Anybody have that elephant’s contact info?" / Twitter


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(2) Tumblr
(9) Tumblr
(9) Tumblr

Monkeys and Apes

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People perceive humans, animals, and landscapes that are beautiful as having a higher moral standing
Red Panda 002 by RedPangolin on DeviantArt

Red Pandas

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