The Beautiful People

It's not about their aesthetic appearance. It's about what they exude from deep inside the soul. Tangle, diffuse and magnify my emotions.
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Kurt Cobain

Musicians Who Defined Nineties Style

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A young Manson was indeed handsome. But as everyone knows people age. Love him for his talent.


While it’s been awhile since Nine Inch Nails was in the public consciousness, front man Trent Reznor has apparently been busy drumming up controversy in the

Chris <3

Buzz Kill presents: A tribute to Soundgarden and Chris CornellOn this special episode, M. Roche plays a selection of live Soundgarden performances and two interviews with Chris Cornell.


James Maynard Keenan ~ The Genius Front man of TOOL, A Perfect Circle & Puscifer

Miss Scabbia giving her all

Miss Scabbia giving her all