Day of the dead

❁☠❀ Dia de Los Muertos ❀☠❁ diadelosmuertosmask: “ love this corset outfit! the tiny pops on the bustier that match the teardrops in the makeup are a fantastic detail. an amazing Catrina for the coming holiday!

dia de los muertos

Calavera Makeup Sugar Skull Ideas for Women are hot Halloween makeup look.Sugar Skulls, Día de los Muertos celebrates the skull images and Calavera created exactly in this style for Halloween.


Been Amusing Myself…

Winter Darkness (by Lloyd K. Barnes Photography) Makeup by Jenny Ruth Hair and styling by Dani Barnes Model: Charity Photography by Lloyd Barnes See => more images and a music video slideshow


Makeup tutorials for eye shadows, lipsticks and face. Tips and tricks for keeping healthy skin that's clear and acne free. Girl advice and more!

Love the corset too

“Amphi Festival III” by the alluring Lycilia Model: Myra Snöflinga From Lycilia’s Gallery


Yes : A true, personal story from the experience, I Love Gothic Eye Makeup. I Love Gothic eye Makeup. I Love wearing it myself, and having my eye makeup done.