Monika Pon was the model for  Vladimir Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl (popularly known as the Green Lady). Here she recreates the original sitting.

Revealed after 60 years... the real Green Lady whose face is on a million living room walls

Tretchikoff - The Green Lady found. Monika Pon recreating the pose captured in Vladimir Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl aka The Green Lady. She is wearing the same clothes she wore for the original sitting


RARE Vladimir Tretchikoff Balinese Dancer 24x20 Inch

Tretchikoff and his Mandarin Girl.

Tretchikoff and his Mandarin Girl. This is the same model who sat for his famous Miss Wong and Lady from Orient.


Vladimir Tretchikoff women of ndebele purchased my Ndebele Girl for from a car boot but she can make as much as depending where you buy from.


Water Lily by Tretchikoff, one of my favourate painting, I can not find print or copy of it, or have to buy it for Might have to rob a bank tomorrow.