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How to Paint Glass – What To Know

How to Paint Glass – What To Know! If you would like to paint glass, whether it’s glassware, a window, a vase or a jar there are a few things to know & ask yourself before you start.

Make Your Own Liquid Soap - Save tons of money buy making your own!

turn bar soap to liquid soap, dr bronners to liquid soap, hand soap, laundry soap, body wash. 3 Ways to Cut A Glass Bottle, DIY Instructions - Follow along for these three simple solutions to repurpose any glass bottle into a great container. -- So you want to turn your old wine bottles into drinking cups? Or maybe those sodas into cool storage containers? ~ With the right materials and know how, this task is as simple as drinking the beverage itself…well, almost.

How to Cut Glass Bottles:Three easy ways you can cut glass bottles for cool DIY upcycling projects. Tutorial, photos and step by step instructions.

Turn old beer bottles into shot glasses with this tutorial.

beer bottle shot glasses "So you’ve been making beer bottle glasses (.) and probably have been wondering what you can do with the top part of the bottle.