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A Guide to Deduction. There's an episode of Psych ("Gus Walks into a Bank") where Shawn uses this as a clue.  Someone reacts slightly before a man pulls a gun and tells him to put his hands up (or something like that).

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77: A person who danced as a child, especially in ballet, will stand and walk with their feet pointed slightly outwards as an adult.

A Guide To Deduction — Suggested by: pennytothesky>>>>>>> maybe I should pay attention if I do that, since I was a ballet-dancer

A Guide To Deduction, Even on the internet, when hearing a person’s...

A Guide To Deduction common errors of the English language depending on the area

I trip a bit over my own feet sometimes, it started after I went through a major growth spurt and I still don't feel right at this height. I'm pretty sure the discomfort will last forever.

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A Guide To Deduction 26 <<<< This can also tell you if the person is mad or trying to hide emotion. -SH << Well now your just showing off -JW (:P)