African Banana Coconut Bake

African Banana Coconut Bake ~ Very simple and delicious recipe, we have had this for breakfast as well as for dessert! This is from Tunisian Desserts Cookbook. Hope you enjoy!

Bobotie- a South African curry casserole made with beef. Fills the role there that meatloaf does in America. LOVE this stuff, comfort food.


This is a recipe for the national dish of South Africa; Bobotie (ba-boor-tea), it looks really delicious, will definitely be giving this one a go. Has received 95 complimentary comments on the GoodFood website and has been given a ***** rating!

South African souskluitjies


Souskluitjies: Traditional South African dessert dumplings with a sugary cinnamon butter sauce (from The Food Box) Makes me miss my OUMA

South African Roly-Poly Baked Dessert (around the world party)

South African Roly-Poly Baked Dessert

South African Roly-Poly Baked Dessert is a traditional favorite. It is often served with ice cream or custard

South African Brown Pudding (Bruinpoeding) - COOKING

South African Brown Pudding (Bruinpoeding) - COOKING - This is one of my favourite puddings. It’s a traditional South African recipe that’s easy to make and doesn’t take too long – about 10 minutes to mix

Sago Pudding ♥ #SouthAfrican

Simple sago pudding 1 litre milk 1 cinnamon quill Optional: cardamom pod 90 gram cup) sago 70 gram cup) sugar 60 gram butter teaspoon ml) salt 4 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla ¼ teaspoon ml) grated nutmeg

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