I failed him, I failed Josiah!

nguni cattle---one of the best duel purpose breeds in the world! I want a nice, speckled bull on my game farm one day and I'm going to call him Oreo MCFlurry :D :D :D

A black and white image of a Nguni Bull would look good on my wall. Best I head to the Highveld!

Purchase artwork Nguni Bull Landscape - Black & White - Limited Edition Giclee on Paper by South African Artist Malcolm Bowling

nguni cattle | popular cattle in south Africa. Tswana are known to be excellent cattlemen.

‘But I am a South African …’

Tswana is an indigenous beef cattle breed of Botswana. It is a Sanga type, similar to Barotse and Tuli. Its color is plain black or multi colored: usually red pied, and rarely black pied. The breed can also be found in South Africa.

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Terry Kobus produces a variety of styles and sized works each displaying fine craftsmanship and execution and is renowned for his exquisite.

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Lot 042 WRA1089