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Looking for an easy Smooth curls with fingers and spritz with texturising spray for a natural, undone look. Brushed Out Curls, Undone Look, Wellness Club, Hair Falling Out, Herbalife Nutrition, Silk Pillow, Wild Hair, Dry Shampoo, Grow Hair

Trying growing your hair? Make sure you keep a nutritious meal plan! Balanced nutrition can boost the condition of your hair. #Haircare 🌟🥗

Want to switch from high-calorie desserts to fruit? Be patient. It takes at least a month to break an old habit! High Calorie Desserts, Daily Fiber Intake, Herbalife Distributor, Manicure, Personal Wellness, Herbalife Nutrition, Sport Fitness, How To Apply, How To Get

Good #skincare should begin at an early age. What age were you when you first started your #beauty routine? #Prevention 💙

Do you feel a spot coming on before an important event? 😱 Give these tips a go to tone it down: increase your water intake 💦 apply a spot treatment product ⛑️ catch a good night's sleep 😴 Did it work for you? Sport Fitness, Fitness Tips, Nutrition Herbalife, Work On Yourself, Improve Yourself, Daily Fiber Intake, Herbalife Distributor, Forever Business, Personal Wellness

#Herbalife tip: Bad hair day? Bad hair days are caused by improper rinsing. Shampoo, condition & rinse, rinse, rinse.✔️👩

Learn how to meal prep for weight loss, tips for improving the nutrition of your meals, correct portioning and how meal planning like a pro! Healthy Foods To Eat, Healthy Dinner Recipes, Diet Recipes, Healthy Snacks, Breakfast Recipes, Healthy Eating, Soup Recipes, Healthy Soup, Stay Healthy

Willpower tends to fade as the day goes by; plan snacks and dinner meals ahead of time and stay on track. #SmartEating 👍

Need to stretch your hamstrings & work your abs at one time? Try alternating straight leg lifts whilst lying on your back. Straight Leg Lifts, Daily Fiber Intake, Banting Diet, Personal Wellness, Customer Relationship Management, Challenge Group, Fitness Journal, Outdoor Workouts, Strong Body

Planning an outdoor workout? Shield yourself from the sun with a hat or visor and wear breathable fabric. #SmartFitness 🌞🌞🌞🏃

Leaving the gym in a hurry? If you don't have time for a shower at least, wash your hands. Weights might harbor germs 👾 Wellness Club, Personal Wellness, Herbalife Nutrition, Nutrition Tips, Nutrition Activities, Daily Fiber Intake, Desk Workout, Herbalife Distributor, Leg Training

#Herbalife tip: Show your kids that you're active! Walk them to school or power walk around the field during sports practice.💭

Stay fit and healthy by simply making the most of making juice. Nutrition is really important in our long-term wellbeing. Lots of vegetables and fruit will almost allways be healthy for you. Health Remedies, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Holistic Remedies, Wedding Headband, Dr Oz, Weight Loss Photos, Fat Burning Diet, Headache Remedies

#Herbalife tip: If you can't clean your teeth after lunch, have a small apple. It helps with saliva flow & scrubs your teeth clean 😬🍎

tip: Your skin is a depiction of your overall health. Eat well, exercise & use good skin care products.

#Herbalife beauty tip: Use illuminator on cheekbones, nose bridge, brow bone & cupids bow to highlight your facial structure. 😍😍😍

fit tip: Stay on track with your goals, prepare your workouts ahead in summer if your kids are out of school. Work Diligently, Banting Diet, Herbalife Recipes, Stay On Track, Greater Than, Stay Focused, Fitness Goals, No Time For Me, Schedule

Be accountable to your #goals, successes are only achieved when you work diligently and stay focused! 💪

If you think you're completely safe from cellulite, think again. More than percent of women across the globe have issues with cellulite. It normally presents itself on the thighs, buttocks and sometimes the stomach. How To Slim Down, How To Get Rid, Citrus Juice, Citrus Fruits, Banting Diet, Herbalife, Cellulite, Thighs, Hair Care

#Herbalife tip: Citrus fruits contain natural tenderisers. Add citrus juices to marinades for juicier meat & poultry. 🍊🍋