omg I relate so much✨

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a jar of nutella spread with cocoa on it and the caption reads, one of man's greatest inventions
hold on why is everything red except the n 😨
a couple dressed up as corpse from the animated movie bride and groom holding hands in front of a full moon
this chemical romantic
“once i kiss you i wont be able to stop”
“once i kiss you i wont be able to stop”
a girl with dimples win in life - 3
gorgeous gorgeous girls are girls with dimples <3
two people sitting in the back seat of a car with their arms around each other
a woman with her hand on her chest and the words rip marilyn monroe you would't
the water is blue and it says home is the place the water doesn't taste weird
a woman looking into a mirror with the words always trust the mirror over your phone camera
a woman smiling with the caption my brain is 85 % song lyrics
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Funny Airport Signs That People Had The Guts To Hold
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