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How to get the most our of your vet

Practicing with your dog before their first vet visit can make a big difference! Here are some tips on preparing.

Should I buy a puppy or adopt an adult dog?

Many people like to keep pets especially dogs. Like any young animal puppies can be destructive and mischievous without intending…

7 important symptoms often ignored

As a vet, I’ve often seen a pet for a tiny cut on its paw when actually the poor animal has been suffering for a while from a serious chronic illness, whose sym

Avoidable Dangers in your home- Food and Drinks

Learn the signs of a fearful dog and whether you are contributing to your dog's fear? Find out how to help a fearful dog gain confidence again.

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Tips for taking the perfect photo of your pet in 2017. Lulu & Robbie Blog

Again We will meet you and provide you a selection of funny pictures of dogs in different situations, such as selfie images, play, fun, and others. Five high

Things pet owners should be careful of during the festive season.  Lulu & Robbie Blog

Things pet owners should be careful of during the festive season

What to do if your animal has eaten something it shouldn’t have. Lulu & Robbie Blog

Person in Brown Cable Knife Sweater Holding White and Black Puppy · Free Stock Photo

How to choose the right dog? Lulu & Robbie Blog

Do you struggle with self-doubt? Do you feel that God can't really use you? Are you hesitating to step forward because you are afraid that you will fail?