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Photo - Sunrise & Summertime

I started to think more about line and tone. I want to possibly have a continuation of dream drawings machine/hand embroidered spiralling across a large piece of material. I haven't yet thought about what sort of background/layers I would want, if any.

Hands under neon light - Le photographe Andre Elliott a capturé des mains dans des positions majestueuses et placées sous des néons multicolores à travers sa série intitulée « Acoluthic Redux ». Il livre des dégradés de couleurs vibrantes et des jeux d’ombres délicats.

Hands under neon light - The Andre Elliott photographer captured hands in regal positions and placed under multicolored neon through his series entitled "Acoluthic Redux." It delivers shades of vibrant colors and delicate shadows.

How I raise my hand when theres a substitute teacher. Reserved, yet I know what she/he is saying wont be on the test.

I like the posing of the hand, questioning. The contrast makes the hand look pale. I like the leading lines in the light and shadow.