South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa The best things to do on any day: take a oceanic drive.

...Cape Town, South Africa

Fun travel fact : Kirstenbosch Gardens was founded in 1913 to preserve South Africa's unique flora.

cape town, south africa

Our captain and chef in the BVIs said that Cape Town, South Africa was stunning!

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cape town, south africa

cape town, south africa - I didn't want to leave

9-11 Memorial

NYC remembers Thank you to all the veterans who sacrificed saving your fellow Americans.

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Twinkies Not Dead Yet: Hostess, Bakers Agree to Mediation [Yay?]

Twinkies - me and a buddy would go to this kid's house, pretend we liked playing with him, just so we could raid his kitchen. And beg his mom for Twinkies.

Exotic Vacation Destinations | Best Places to Visit

Egypt Riding a camel through the dessert is definitely on my bucket list.

I want to go to Churchill and kayak with beluga whales right underneath me

Heading to Chruchill Canada this october to see the migration of polar bears! Kinda nerdy but Im super excited for it!

so cute!

so cute, love the eyes, makes me want a puppy!

CN Tower Skypod....doing this in June.  Finally saying 'screw you' to my fear of heights!!!  Thank you @anderson!  :)

doing this in June. Finally saying 'screw you' to my fear of heights!