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four different colored lamps hanging from strings in a room
Swing pendant, design by Nicola Nerboni for Fambuena
a group of people standing next to each other in front of an elephant wearing hats
a woman in a black and white blanket with fringes on her head is facing away from the camera
Evelyn Vanderhoop's Ravenstail Robe Enters the Collection of the MFA Boston - Stonington Gallery
a pink and blue bag with fringes on it
Anthropology Division | American Museum of Natural History
a woman standing in front of some african masks
40 African Masks Wall Decoration Ideas - Bored Art
a woman with red hair and an arrow in her hand
Diary of a Madman
a young boy drinking water from a body of water with his head in the water
I was just thinking...Why should we care about Nubian history?
I was just thinking...Why should we care about Nubian history? 09/05 by Crs Radio Caribbean Radio Show | Education Podcasts
two women are sitting next to each other in front of people wearing head scarves
1994 South Africa - the same year Apartheid officially ended
a woman sitting in front of a lit candle with her hair blowing out and wearing an animal print skirt
Links - Peter Frank Gallery - Sangomas and African Culture
three people wrapped in blankets are standing on the grass with their hands behind them as they look up into the sky
Portraits of adventure
a man riding on the back of a brown horse
a man standing on top of a mountain with his back to the camera and wearing a blue jacket