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Honey naturally contains nutrients and enzymes that have many health benefits and medicinal uses. It has been used both as food and medicine since ancient times. However, these health benefits are attributed specifically to unpasteurised honey. Most of the beneficial antioxidants and bacteria are destroyed or removed in processed honey. Check

50 Benefits of Raw Honey Infographic - Find out what all the hype is about raw honey. Plus a source to get it for pretty cheap rawhoney

48 Prettiest Vintage Wedding Dresses You Will Love!

Vintage wedding dresses have a way of making everyone who wears them look like an elegant Goddess. Chic vintage gowns are the perfect way to achieve that sweet nostalgic look on your special day, blending …

Squirrel flowers. 8x10 print by ChipmunkCheeks on Etsy

print by ChipmunkCheeks on Etsy

layered burgundy hair

Mahogany Hair Color Inspiration A dark rich blend of red and purple give a saturated mahogany hue which is based on the dark reddish brown with a smaller amount of violet added.

.love is hard....makes one vulnerable...susceptible to past pains...yet love is worth it when it is really love

love is hard.makes one vulnerable.susceptible to past pains.yet love is worth it when it is really love So true.

If you're helping someone...

oh yeah.but before we get all smug here.even if it's just neurochemicals in return


Angle of View- I chose this image because the angle that it's taken at is from underneath the flower rather then just taking a picture from above like most pictures. Not only does this use a different angle, but it also uses the Rule of Thirds.

My hope…since childhood. Very good reason to start teaching our children.

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair and let us huddle together as darkness takes over. We are at home amidst the birds and the trees, for we are children of nature. ~ Susan Polis Shutz Such a beautiful picture!