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a close up of a cake on a plate with the words kludka the swedish gooey cake
Kladdkaka, The Swedish Chocolate Cake • Electric Blue Food
chocolate marshmallow swirl cookies on a plate
Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl Cookies [50 Minutes]
Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl Cookies [37 Minutes] - Chasety
two wine glasses filled with different types of cheese and crackers on top of a table
I learned this in California | California, charcuterie | I learned this in California I use champagne coupes to make individual charcuterie cups. | By Justine KameronFacebook
a person holding a stick over some food in a black bowl on a wooden table
GARLIC POTATO POPS 🤤 You have to try these Garlic Butter Potato Pops! They’re super simple and take no time at all to cook. Perfectly crispy and fluffy. They’re great as a snack, starter or side 🧄 Peel and cube 2 large potatoes and boil until fork tender, then drain 🥖 Add boiled potatoes to a bowl and season with 1tsp each of garlic granules, onion granules and paprika. Add salt & pepper to taste 🧄 Mash until smooth, add in 4tbsp of cornflour and mix until a thick, firm dough forms (add more flour until desired consistency) 🥖 Roll into balls, add to your air-fryer and spray with oil 🧄 Air-fry @ 200C for for 15-20 mins until golden and crispy, shake regularly 🥖 Meanwhile make your garlic butter by adding 100g of butter to a bowl with 2 tsp of garlic granules and a handful of fresh parsley. 🧄 Microwave in 30 secs at a time until melted Add the potato puffs to a bowl, cover with the melted garlic butter and toss 🥖 Serve straight away and pour over any remaining garlic butter #easyrecipe #quickrecipes #foodhack #airfryerrecipes #airfryer #potatoes #potatorecipes #garlicbutter | Planet Food | Jungle · I've Been In Love
a white plate topped with mini pizzas on top of each other
Cheese and Bacon Swirls
a white plate topped with lots of food
Autumn Brittle | Adventures in Cooking
Several weeks ago I tried a new snack from Costco called “Cashew Clusters” and became completely obsessed with it. It is amazingly and utterly delicious! They’re these kind of granola chunks with cashews, pumpkin seeds and almonds in them. I decided to try to make a brittle using mostly the same ingredients, but added some...
honey oatmeal squares stacked on top of each other with text overlay
Honey Oatmeal Bars aka British Flapjacks - Nut-Free + Gluten Free
the best butternut squash soup is in a black bowl with a spoon inside it
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Roasted butternut squash soup is the perfect cold weather comfort soup! With the addition of carrots and apples for extra sweetness this vegan soup will surely become your favorite fall soup recipe! #butternutsquashrecipes #vegansoup #fallsoup #Thanksgivingsoup