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a close up of a plate with a bee painted on it's front and side
Картина на деревянном спиле с шмелем Панно на дереве – заказать на Ярмарке Мастеров – R4ZI2RU | Панно, Кемерово
a woman standing next to a painting with yellow and black flowers on it's face
Ready to update my NEW Battersea exhibit!
Ready to update my Battersea exhibit with my new metallic collection, featuring Bernadette the Bee! #taart #metallic #gold #bee #art #goldleaf #artinspiration #artwork #interiordesign #ratedmodernart #gallerywall #modernpainting #paintingoftheday #artsy
a person is painting sunflowers on gold foil with black and white paint in the background
TIFFANY ANNA ART | COLOURFUL ARTIST on Reels | tiffanyannaart · Original audio | Reels
a small wooden chair with a painting on it's back and the seat is made to look like a yellow moon