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peace quotes Be selective with your battles. Sometimes peace is better tan being right.

Trevor wanting a sniff

Trevor wanting a sniff

ADHD and Depression

This usually happens when I REALLY have to put effort in pretending I'm okay. Whether it be at work, or seeing someone who used to know Chris. My heart screams for me to just leave and breakdown in private somewhere.

You never did care right?

You never cared. Why did I believe you? I knew you were lying, but I still trusted you.

Trust in the Lord our God only and you will never be disappointed. Trust in man and you will always be disappointed.... Faith is only to be in trusted to God, He will never let you down nor forsaken you...

Yes, especially fake ugly trashy people with no morals and who collect people and then discard them after they are done destroying their lives. 👍🏻🖕🏻😘💛 the ones who hang around like flies on shit waiting to get their giant hands on the leftovers .

DIY homemade cardboard box school bus

Thinking this is a good template for making a Cat Bus for the kids to play in (using large fridge boxes) at the Totoro party.

Gelukkige Vrouedag

Gelukkige Vrouedag

Easter is almost upon us, so to get us all inspired and excited, I am sharing these Easter Bunny Crafts, Activities and Treat Ideas.

print out the Easter Bunny Cotton Tail Bag Toppers and attach them to bagged Cotton Candy. These tags fit larger gift bags that are about 4 inches in width perfectly.