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Save 33% promo code TIEGUY33. STAND BACK!!! BACK DAMN IT...BACK!! Because this BLUE DRAGON (deux) STERLING-SCOTT Tie, is Breathing Seductive Blue Flames of "SHHAAAZAM"!! to all that are taken by this Electric Blue Embroidered Satin with Strikes of Emerald Green and Flashes of Sun Brust Yellow, paired with a Strom on the Horizon of Ocean Azul, Redwood Amber, Midnight Blue, Warm Caribbean, capped with an FLAME of Electric Blue!! Makes this 1 of 4 STERLING-SCOTT Ties come with a STORM WARNING…

STERLING-SCOTT is the World's Hydrid Necktie Entirely Limited, Individually No & Exclusively Handcrafted solely sets the Red Carpet Standard in Neckwear

Colorful Paisley Ascot Tie $39.99.   Handmade and 100% Silk

SetSense Men's Floral Jacquard Woven Self Cravat Tie Ascot: Self Cravat Tie Ascot with floral pattern,this product is great for formal occasions and casual occasions