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Liezl Theron

Grabouw / City-slicker turned farmer girl
Liezl Theron
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Slug and snail deterrent ~~ Don’t dump out that last bit of coffee that you didn’t finish, throw it in a spray bottle and spray your plants to naturally deter slugs and snails. Also, you can make a slug “fence” around the garden with the grounds. This is a double bonus because as the coffee grounds deter slugs, they are also a great addition to soil and earthworms love them!

How to Make Chocolate Mint Ground Coffee. It's always nice to add flavors in a freshly brewed coffee mug to enjoy. But what if you can create a flavored blend before it was brewed? Create this chocolate mint blend recipe in your own.

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Learn when exactly to harvest your garlic.root vegetables can be tricky, but read ahead for an easy guide to harvesting and storing garlic bulbs.