By mixing your two favorite hobbies, gardening with crafting, you have this wonderfully creative project for a painted pot herb garden. Tackle this easy project this summer then use these colorful pieces as functional outdoor decorations.

Terracotta flower pots seem to be abundant and fairly inexpensive in the dollar store. They are versatile for both planting and crafts. But these flower pots are very simple with no paint, no designs. They are usually in brownish-red or orange-red color. But many DIY lovers don’t want theirs to be just a simple and …

17 Creative Ideas to Decorate with Terra Cotta Flower Pots

How to make simple macrame hanging planters

Simple Macrame Diy

Simple Macrame Diy - In this fast, high tech world we live in it's great to see some old school crafts coming back. In the (were you born yet ?) I had a mac…

DIY succulent planter, that you can't kill!

DIY Succulent Planter

DIY succulent planter, that you can't kill! look for only the really green plants

hanging planters

Hanging Succulent Planters / / Take a close look at the picture to see how easy it'd be to cut some wood blocks, paint and thread to make hip, live art on your wall.