Skeleton Coast

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skeleton+coast | The Skeleton Coast of Namibia (photo from

The Namib Desert

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The Skeleton Coast, a best place to visit in Windhoek, Namibia. Explore Namibia with Namibia travel agent

skeleton+coast | Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Along the Skeleton Coast, Angola -- Land ho! by Chris Miller, via

skeleton+coast | The Skeleton Coast of Namibia

Miles of water and sand on the coast of Namibia - a photo of

skeleton+coast | skeleton coast the skeleton coast is a sliver of desert that spans the ...

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Miners Hit the Jackpot and Found Millions Worth of Gold on a Shipwreck

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skeleton+coast | coast tours, skeleton coast camp, skeleton coast map, skeleton coast ...

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Namibia has become what is thought to be the first country to designate its entire coastline a national park. Namibia designates its entire coastline a

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Skeleton Coast Safaris are unique and incredible way to experience the mystical desert-scapes of one of Africa’s least travelled countries, Namibia.

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The Skeleton Coast is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Countless shipwrecks, bones, and sand, devoid of life, create a depressing picture.

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The Skeleton Coast The Skeleton Coast, the sandy strip of coastline running from Namibia's north into southern Angola, was named for the quantity of whale and sea bones in the dunes and for the skeletal shipwrecks that dot the seemingly endless beach.

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Considered one of the most infamous stretches of coastline along the west coast of Africa, the Skeleton Coast of Namibia stretches from the Ugab River in t