Cecil Skotnes - I have forgotten how much I love Cecil Skotnes' art. An amazing South African artist.

'Couple' by South African artist Cecil Skotnes Carved, incised & painted wood, 61 x cm. via johans borman fine art

South African artist Irma Stern

Irma Stern, the "Grande Dame" of South African Art - You Arts - Quora

South African artist Maaike Bakker

Maaike Bakker's Pleasure Principle

Pierneff - South African Artist.

ArtThrob - Contemporary visual art in South Africa

south african artist Maeve Dewar

The Art World directory of artists from South Africa features South African artist Maeve Dewar.

Work by the insanely talented South African artist Cecil Skotnes

Insanity work out! workin out for 3 more weeks with HIIT training to get ready for insanity, then me and my husband are starting it!

William  Kentridge - south african artist

William Kentridge Universal Archive (Six Birds), 2012 Linocut printed on non-archival pages from Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

Glen Josselsohn - South African Artist

South African Artist - Glen Josselsohn - Directory of Artists from South Africa

Emalie Bingham | Design Indaba Exhibitor 2014 | Cape Town Design Capital

Emalie Bingham's hand-drawn designs are an edgy, satirical and somewhat defiant exploration of common patterns occurring in social city life.

Art by Louis Olivier

Art by Louis Olivier