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Krysten Potgieter

Krysten Potgieter
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So stunning  Love it

So stunning Love it

where the stream meets the sea, where the sun sets in hues of orange and gold, there is where I'll be.

“It is more or less a given that nothing is less favorable to clairvoyance than the bright sun: physical light and mental light coexist on very poor terms.” ― André Breton, Anthology of Black Humor ✯ Golden-orange Beach Sunrise

Hand lettered Typography Print 'You are my Sunshine' in Charcoal Grey and Yellow

Hand lettered Typography Print 'You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey' in Charcoal Grey and Yellow

A statement as beautiful as it is true.

Walt Whitman was such a genius! Keep your face towards the sunshine & shadows will fall behind you- Walt Whitman

I would like these....might not be able to walk in them But i would like them to be sitting in my room looking oh so very pretty!!!

Want some cute Disney high heel shoes well how about adorable Bambi ones although you might not be able to walk in them

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I couldn't wear these often, but the Hidden Mickey-shaped bunions they would give me would add a little Disney sparkle every time I wore flip flops. I want these!