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a woman in a bathtub with flowers on the floor and two people standing over it
Maternity photos #maternityphotography,
two hands in a bathtub with the words lately i've been losing sleep
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Lux Lit: Photo
a woman with her hair in the bathtub looking down at it's back
two hands touching each other with white flowers in the foreground and blue silk on the background
Vivienne Bellini. 'Inner Gardens' Fashion and fine art photographer ex.Torino Italy. *Floral subject: Viburnum opulus cv. Roseum
two people are in the water with their hands on each other's sides and one person is laying down
Alone Together - Elizaveta Dushechkina
There may be some marbling from the black in the bath and the white paint...
a woman is floating in the water with her head above the water's surface
Not everyone needs to feel happy all the time.Besides,no one can be happy all the time.I need to learn to deal with the reality of life - Paulo Coelho "Adultery"
BAJO EL AGUA...❤ People, Portraits, Art Photography, Art Reference Photos, Artist, Art Reference, Life Photography
Under the surface by Voodica / 500px
a woman's face is reflected in the water with flowers on her head and hands behind her
Linda foto... beleza negra.
Light Photography Poses, Bokeh Portrait, Photographer
a woman sitting on a bus looking out the window
lighter days
two women laying on top of each other with flowers in their hair and one holding a bottle
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black and white photograph of a woman's head with hair in the air, dark background
the person is preparing food on the table in the dark room with sunlight coming through the window