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Puritan/Crucible/Witch Trials
The Great Gatsby
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Puritan/Crucible/Witch Trials

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The Great Gatsby

My Classroom

A blog about life, laughs and lipsense

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Frickin' Packets | Cult of Pedagogy

Are your worksheets contributing to meaningful learning, or just keeping students busy?

My Classroom

A blog about life, laughs and lipsense

This classroom decorator:

BREAKING: Your teachers were funnier than you all along.

Google Forms and QR Codes for the Classroom Mundane

I love my students - adore them, truly. But, somedays, I get tired of the monotony of the same questions. Seriously, if I don't have something in place, I could answer the same questions 150 times in one day. I like a classroom that manages itself - enter QR Codes and Google Forms. Last summer,…

First Day Back (for teachers...)

Today was the first day of contract time for our district. First day getting up at the "regular" time...which is about two hours EARLIER tha...

5 Brilliant Ways to Use Games in the Classroom | Teacher blogs, Teaching, Teaching reading

All English teachers need this list of games in the classroom. Learn how you can reinforce core English language arts skills AND engage students...

7 Tips for Decorating English Classrooms for Teens

There are three kinds of teacher-decorators: those who were born for Pinterest , those who can’t , and all the ones in between ...

We All Have a Story to Tell: Interactive Bulletin Board Classroom Decor

This interactive bulletin board is a way to encourage students to TELL THEIR STORY and share it with their peers. I've included 21 different journal writing prompts for students to choose in this resource. Simply print and display them in your classroom. WHAT'S INCLUDED: - Bulletin Board Direc...

The Literary Maven: Introducing Text Annotation Using the Gradual Release Process

Students can struggle with reading for a variety of reasons: rich vocabulary, lack of background knowledge, the author's writing style. To scaffold difficult texts, teach students to annotate through the gradual release process.

Classic Novels for Middle School - Intentional Homeschooling

Middle grade books are admittedly some of my favorites to read. Both when I was in middle school and now as an adult. My only regret is that I hardly read

Wholesome Middle Grade Chapter Books for Girls Ages 9 - 12

From reader requests, I've made a wholesome middle grade chapter book list for girls ages 9 - 12 with nice (not catty or mean) female main characters you'd want to be friends with your own kids.

Literary Jenga: Reading Literature Game for ANY Novel Grades 7-12

This product provides a template for a game I've titled, Literary Jenga. It includes 54 task cards for each Jenga piece. The game is differentiated and competitive with each piece being a different number of points based on question complexity. For example: pink questions are 2 point and focus on...

Grade Student Responses Quickly - Learning in Room 213

Enlgish teachers, gIve yourself back some free time: with these strategies you can grade student responses quickly and easily.

5 Inspiring TED Talks To Transform Your English Class - The Teaching Cove

Looking for inspiring TED Talks for your English class? Need to watch inspirational videos? Check out my favourites. There's a free activity guide, too!

Favorite Poems for Middle School

The British playwright W. Somerset Maugham once said “t he crown of literature is poetry.” For the English teachers out there who have...

Summer Reading List 6th Grade, 7th Grade & 8th Grade

Your kiddo is going to absolutely devour this summer reading list 6th Grade, 7th and 8th Grade. I know they'll get hooked once they start!