Malva Pudding: A baked pudding almost like a sticky toffee pudding. Delish!

Malva Pudding: A baked pudding almost like a sticky toffee pudding. This is at the top of my South African recipes to try. Read Recipe by amattia

Manila Spoon: Frikkadels - South African Braised Meatballs

Manila Spoon: Frikadelles - South African Braised Meatballs - slowly simmered in a creamy Coconut Tomato sauce - these meatballs totally delicious! Always a big favorite!

How To Make South African Vetkoek

How to Make South African Vetkoek

Bunny Chow – a combination of shrimp and chicken with a very spicy curry, but you can make bunny chow with any curry recipe you wish. Yum!

Bunny Chow with Buttermilk Rusks . a South African meal of chicken and prawn curry served in bread bowls--leave out cinnamon

Pass the Bobotie, please.

by trixie The Best Bobotie. "This South African original is similar to meatloaf, but so much better. A slightly sweet curry flavors ground beef with a milk and egg custard on top.

Amarula Cupcakes. Anyone else suddenly hungry?

Heritage Day is the next South African holiday we have to look forward to. And to help me celebrate, the lovely people from Amarula sent me a bottle of deliciousness to bake with. How awesome is th.

A Real Durban Curry by The Oyster Box Executive Chef Kevin Joseph

by The Oyster Box Executive Chef Kevin Joseph No visit to Durban is complete without enjoying a real Durban Curry. Curry was introduced to the Colony of Natal over 150 years ago by indentured laborers who came from India, to work in

Three ingredients, one amazing dish: South African Chutney Chicken!

South African Chutney Chicken

This is so simple to make with only 3 ingredients but tastes great. I used chicken breast fillets for this And a mumbai chutney picked up at a produce market. Experiment with different chutney types.

This distinctive and tasty authentic curry relies heavily on the special blend of spices, known as Cape Malay curry powder. Cape Malay curries are famous for their fruity and full-bodied flavours, making good use of local colourful vegetables or meat and fish, they are not as hot as the curries used in the Indian kitchen. This secret recipe hails from one of the steamy kitchens in the vibrant Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town; it was on a recipe sheet given to my mum from a spice shop in that…

Kaap Cape Malay Kerrie - South African Cape Malay Curry

Bo-Kaap Cape Malay Kerrie - South African Cape Malay Curry From Cape Town with love

Spicy curried eggs go well with steamy days!

South African Curried Eggs

I really love curried eggs when i want something yummy but easy on a hot night (spicy foods go well with steamy days). It saves cooking meat, boiling eggs can be done in the morning before the rest of the day happens

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